The King's Dominion

May 1

Marriage, is what brings us together. AU. (surroundedbyhosts)

Tamaki was simply staring at the ring on his finger, unable to believe that he had actually gone through with it. Marriage. It was something he had always imagined himself doing, of course, but not right after high school. Not when he wasn’t ready for it. No, when he was ready he wanted to sweep the right girl (or boy, he wasn’t picky) into the sunset and bear children with them (alright, so it would have to be a girl) and live in a little cottage like he had grown up in as a child.

Instead, his father had arranged a marriage for him. Because Haruhi, the woman he wanted to marry, was moving to Boston, and Tamaki’s father would not accept the same fate for his son. No, Tamaki was to stay in Japan and take hold of the company that the Suoh name had built for years. So, his father had found a young girl for Tamaki. Quite pretty, yes, that would apparently bare beautiful children for his family line. Still, this arranged marriage thing? It wasn’t his thing.

Yet, he’d gone through with it, under the pretense of a promise to see his mother. Sighing, he ran a hand through blonde locks, before standing and walking into the adjoining room, looking at his new wife. “So, our plane for our honeymoon leaves this evening.” Great, honeymoon. Tamaki forced a smile, sitting beside her and cupping her cheek. “I am only so lucky to spend it with a beautiful princess such as yourself.” Except honeymoons led to sex…and babymaking…and maybe just maybe they could skip that part and steal someone else’s baby because Tamaki didn’t want to sleep with someone he hardly knew. “Are you excited?”